Donnerstag, 29. Oktober 2015


On tuesday morning we went to the Millennium Park and visited the Cloud Gate. It is a big plastic sculpture which looks like a bean. Because of that it is also called "Bean". After visiting the nice park we went to the Art Institute of Chicago. The Museum is really huge and full of sculptures, photos, culturelle objects and pictures ( for example Nighthawks by Edward Hopper).
In the afternoon we went shopping and discovered the beautiful city.
At the end of the day we had our last dinner together in a delicious pizzeria next to our hotel... after that we had to pack.
In the next morning we visited the Navy Pier and bought souvenirs for our familiy or friends. Then we went to the airport and started our long trip back home.

Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2015

 Thursday 22nd was basically a normal schoolday, but it was our last schoolday in the highschool. After the 7th hour, three other german students and I stayed a little bit longer at the highschoolarea to take some last photos. When we were done, we went to Arnes home and played monopoli. I was picked up by my hostfamily at 5 pm and we had dinner. In conclusion a very nice day.

26th of October

Today was our first real day in Chicago. We left our hotel at 8.30 am to visit the museum of science and industry. It was very impressing and we could try lots of things on our own. The topics that you can see in the museum are very manifold. We also saw a film about the journey to space there which was also very impressing.
After about two hours in the museum we went to Willis Tower, a huge skyscraper where you can go on one of the top levels and have a lovely view over Chicago. After many pictures were taken up there we had a lot of free time to go shopping or just relax in the city.
After this exciting day we returned to our hotel in the evening.

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2015

Sunday, 25th of October

The first thing we did on Sunday was saying goodbye to our host families because we were leaving to spend a few days in Chicago before going back to Germany.
After arriving in our hotel we got on the bus again to take some pictures at Lake Michigan and to visit the Hancock Tower for a lock at the skyline of Chicago.
One hand it was sad leaving our host families, but on the other hand it was nice spending some time in a big and impressive city like Chicago.

Montag, 26. Oktober 2015


Frieday was a special day. The Gapp group was splitt up into smaller units and was send to different schools. Some of us went to the midle school or to the primary school, some of us, included myself, were send to a catholic elementery school.
We anwered a lot of questions, talked about our home-country Germany and watched the everyday-life of the kids.
In the afternoon, some of my friends and me enjoied a late lunch buffet at Pizza Ranch and after that, visited the last Football game of the season. Unfortunetly our team, the Comets, lost.
After returning home, I already started packing some of my belongings for the trip to chicago and for the journey back to Germany.

Saturday, 24th of October

Saturday was the last day with our families. We get up really early and we went to Osage to an 'I love Lucy' dinner.
After breakfast we've carved pumpkins and roasted the pumpkin seeds. 
We still got much time left until the farewell dinner at Dave's, so we went on a walk with our dog Rocky. Then I packed a package and searched for options to send it, but Ryan and I decided that a second suit case is cheaper. Then we went to the farewell dinner, where our teachers and the major held speeches about GAPP. After the speeches we also told them about our experiences of our stay. Later on, we and some of the other German students went to a spook house in a little town, which was scarier than the one I visited the evening before. As we came back we just watched a 'horror' movie, that wasn't very scary, more funny I would say and we went to bed.

Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Wednesday, 21st of October

Every Wednesday, school starts one hour later than normally so we had the chance to sleep one more hour this morning. After a normal school day from 9:10am-3:10pm I drove to Leonie and her host Jenna because we had planned to make pumpkins. For us Germans, Leonie and Me, it was the first time making pumpkins just because of the reason that Halloween isn't that popular in Germany. But even if was the first time for us, we were not too bad, I think...

After making pumpkins we decided to go to the cinema in Charles City which only costs 2$ because it's runt by volunteers who don't get payed. We watched 'Maze Runner 2' which won't become my new favorite movie but it was nice spending some time with the others anyway.