Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2015


We (Paula, Sadie, her mum Angie, Kirsten, Makayla and Makayla's mum Darlene) went to the mall of America on sunday. It was a really long ride to the famous mall. As we arrived, we didn't go shopping right away because we were so excited for the rollercosters in the mall. So we went on rides. After that we all went shopping together. Later we also went to Sea Life but before that we ate at Dick's. In this restaurant all the people treat you bad and it supposed to be funny. We had a lot of fun there.
In Sea Life we could touch rays and saw many different fish. At the end of the day we just walked around and looked at the stores in the mall. Finally we were home after two and a half hours. Unfortanetly we had to pack our things for the upcoming ride on monday. But then we were happy to go to sleep. We were really gratefull that we have so nice familys❤️
We had a eleven hours long bus drive on monday. That was really boring!
But we took two interesting stops. One at a big hunter store and one at cabela's corn palace. We were at our motel in Wall at six pm. After discovering the little village, we went to bed. 

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