Donnerstag, 8. Oktober 2015

Monday, 5th of October

Last Monday was a special day because of two reasons: first, it was our first "real" day at school. Although we've already been at school on Friday, on Monday we got our individuals schedules and had our first lessons. Besides it was the first day of the Homecoming week comparable with our "Mottowoche" at home: every day has a category you can dress up to. The Homecoming week ends with a football game and a dance on Friday.

We only had school in the morning. In the afternoon there were some activities relating Homecoming. One group, for example,  drove downtown and painted the windows of some shops. 

In the evening some of us were part of the drama club which rehearsed for "The miracle worker" which is about the blind and deaf Helen Keller and also had the chance yo speak with a blind woman.

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