Samstag, 3. Oktober 2015

A warm welcome at St. Ansgar High School


  1. The journey was quite tiring. Everybody was awake for 25 hours. After the long journey, including driving seven hours with the bus we met our host family.
    The first funny thing that happened, was to eat banana chocolate muffins for breakfast, it was really good but a little bit strange.
    On the drive to school we only went straight ahead and only saw the amazing sunrise and corn fields. At school they showed us the school (the gym, choice room, cafeteria, library,...). After lunch we did a paper chase in Saint Angar to know more about our home for the next two weeks.
    Every Friday in the gym is a little show from the marching band and the cheerleaders to support the American football player from the school, who will have a game at the weekend.

  2. Our first weekend in Iowa was pretty cool!
    We had a sleepover with Lindsey, my host's best friend, and Alisa. After finally having slept long enough, we went to Rochester with our host moms.
    Our first stop was Applebee's, a restaurant at which we ate lunch. Afterwards we went to a mall and did some shopping.
    The main reason we got there, was because we needed some stuff for our costumes for Homecoming next week. We bought some dresses and material at different stores (including a second-hand-shop) and went back home afterwards.

    I really wanted to try some american pancakes with maple syrup, and after I had asked my host mom she made some on sunday morning (they were pretty good, especially those with chocolate chips in them).
    Then we started sewing, which took a long time. My host-grandma came to help us and we succeeded - in the end, Alisa was having a wonderful dress and Alexis (my host) had a new cape.

    Homecoming will be great!