Freitag, 23. Oktober 2015

Wednesday, 21st of October

Every Wednesday, school starts one hour later than normally so we had the chance to sleep one more hour this morning. After a normal school day from 9:10am-3:10pm I drove to Leonie and her host Jenna because we had planned to make pumpkins. For us Germans, Leonie and Me, it was the first time making pumpkins just because of the reason that Halloween isn't that popular in Germany. But even if was the first time for us, we were not too bad, I think...

After making pumpkins we decided to go to the cinema in Charles City which only costs 2$ because it's runt by volunteers who don't get payed. We watched 'Maze Runner 2' which won't become my new favorite movie but it was nice spending some time with the others anyway.

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